What is New Media? (Blog Post #1)

According to the YouTube Video by Dan Brown, New Media is “any media the audience for which is primarily based online.” He means  blogs, pod casts, and YouTube videos.Also according to Dan Brown, old media was more difficult to produce. If they wanted something on television they had to go through many people to accomplish it, not like new media where anyone can get a YouTube account and post whatever they want. Another definition of new media is by the New Media Institute. It says new media “is a 21st century catchall term used to define all that is related to the internet and the interplay between technology, images, and sound.” I think what separates new media from old media is the interaction capabilities with the audience. Old media cannot interact with its viewers at all. New media, however, can interact with its audiences. For example, YouTube, when someone posts a video, viewers can comment, like, and even share it with their friends. Old media is considered television. People cannot fully interact with it like they can with YouTube.


One thought on “What is New Media? (Blog Post #1)

  1. I, too, raised the point of comparing YouTube and television. Although television producers tried to create interactivity by allowing viewers to vote on different elements of the shows–Will she do this? Which singer do you want eliminated? Et cetera–but I do not think it is enough at times. It is very limited.

    I am shocked to read that there is actually a New Media Institute which defines their namesake. You would think people would simply agree on one definition; instead, there is an institute which makes an official one.


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