I love pandas! I once belonged to the Atlanta Zoo just so I could go see the pandas anytime I wanted. So here is some information about them, so you can learn a little more. Pandas are native to China and are on the endangered species list. Only about 1,600 live in the wild and only one hundred live in captivity around the world. There are about fifty reserves in China and they protect only 45% of their habitat.There are many names for the Giant Panda, great panda, Particolored bear, white bear and bamboo bear. Pandas are about 4-5 feet tall and weigh up to 300 lbs.


We all know that pandas eat bamboo, but how much do they actually consume in a day? They eat up to 28 lbs of bamboo and eat for 12 hours out of the day. They do not like to be with other pandas, so you could call them loners. Just by their scent marker, pandas can identify sex, age, reproductive condition, and social status. When a female becomes pregnant, she carries the baby or babies for about 100 to 180 days. The cubs are about 3-5ounces. Some scientists have argued that pandas are actually not bears, but in fact they are.


Some more random facts are that they have a special bone to hold bamboo with, called “pseudo-thumb.” They use this special bone to grib the bambooo to eat it more easily. Pandas will actually climb 13,000 feet up a mountain to get to their home. A male penis is S-shape and directed backwards, unlike humans.


My Home Town

I grew up in a small town called Covington! It is south east of Atlanta on I 20.  It is also known as “The Hollywood of the South,” because so many films have used the town one way or another. The most popular being The Vampire  Diaries and Dukes of Hazard.


Those are just two of hundreds. I have  lived in Covington my entire life. I grew up there and graduated in that same town. I actually like my hometown. It is small enough to know people at WalMart, but big enough for everyone to not know your personal business. Covington is a pretty quiet town. Not much happens there until a movie or T.V. show wants to film. Covington actually does not have a movie theater, mall, or anything fun. I have to go a county over to see a movie at the theater. And the closest mall is two counties over in Dekalb. Other than that, I am happy not much goes on. Moving to Marietta was a complete scenery change for me. What I really love about Covington is its proximity to Atlanta. It is only a 45 minute drive. That is close enough to go for an evening but far enough away from the traffic. Another thing I love about my hometown is how the square is set up. It is GORGEOUS. It is full of shops and restaurants, but in the middle is a beautiful park area. I absolutely hate it when town squares have the courthouse in the middle. It is very tacky to me. I love that Covington’s courthouse in a part of the actual square and not located in the center. Covington’s courthouse is probably the most used in movies and T.V. shows, because it is honestly just beautiful.

What is New Media? (Blog Post #1)

According to the YouTube Video by Dan Brown, New Media is “any media the audience for which is primarily based online.” He means  blogs, pod casts, and YouTube videos.Also according to Dan Brown, old media was more difficult to produce. If they wanted something on television they had to go through many people to accomplish it, not like new media where anyone can get a YouTube account and post whatever they want. Another definition of new media is by the New Media Institute. It says new media “is a 21st century catchall term used to define all that is related to the internet and the interplay between technology, images, and sound.” I think what separates new media from old media is the interaction capabilities with the audience. Old media cannot interact with its viewers at all. New media, however, can interact with its audiences. For example, YouTube, when someone posts a video, viewers can comment, like, and even share it with their friends. Old media is considered television. People cannot fully interact with it like they can with YouTube.